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Although there is a big number of educational consultancies across the country, I had been misguided when I was searching for a proper choice for my son .. and our consulting meeting was simply neglected due to the low budget I was looking for between the options of the study abroad opportunities, I believe that sending students to study abroad is not a mission or a job to be done .. it is family emotions and challenge to send their beloved to study in other places where they do not know or even they never visit, we did not only lost our time, but also a huge amount of money and effort in such process while we get nothing in return.

Therefore, I want to convey this message to our clients that the main reason which led us to establish UEC Unity Education Consultancy is to protect students and guardians and to provide practical solutions meanwhile securing the right path to such ambitious students and guardians what grant that is simply that we had been through the same circle with our kids and we feel what you feel.

Additionally, I want to top assure parents that their children are in safe hands and will certainly lead a great future ahead. Moreover, showing them the right path for their future career is the hidden interest that we have always desired.

Undoubtedly, our activities fall under business but with strong ethics and competitive strengths, what we are doing for your future will ultimately make you satisfy with our service.

Being an educational consultant, we have to cater genuine counseling and guidance to the students ensuring an ever-advancing career. We are a committed team that strives to achieve excellence in the field of overseas education.

We are doing our best to win the trust of the students by being ethical and transparent in our services. The student referrals are ample testimony to the quality of the services we provide. We believe that positive word-of-mouth is extremely important for our success in this competitive market while we are simply helping you to decide what is the best for your career.

 With Our training courses, there is a course directory, which is extensive, so there are several alternatives for your desired program. To make it easier to decide, we give you full information on all the courses listed such as price range, dates and venues, delivery method, duration, and a comparison tool to help you evaluate the options at a glance. And if you require more information, we can also connect you with the course provider.

We promise you that you will count on us.

Yahia A. Gawad

Unity Education Hub Founder

Our Believes

Learning allows us to nurture our talents, reach our full intellectual and creative potential, enable us to take control of our own lives, fulfill our personal goals, and ultimately find happiness.

Unity Education Consultancy exists to help people accomplish their goals through acquiring knowledge, by understanding their circumstances and aspirations, guiding them on the education pathway, and celebrating together the accumulative and shared value of learning in our dynamic world.

Lifelong learning: We believe that learning is a continuous process throughout life and an extensive diversity. Learning should therefore be adaptable, on-demand, and tailored to suit each one of us.

We believe that technology has opened up an immense world of opportunity where anyone can obtain, at any time and place, the knowledge or skills they desire, whether for personal or professional enhancement or practically for enjoyment.

Our Visions 

Making education available to everyone and make sure that anyone can access the training they need to adapt to the evolving needs of the world we live in. To achieve this, we shall be committed to providing the resources and we will be your pathway to the proposer future.

Guiding student development through international experiences for lifelong global engagement and impact.  We seek to develop a menu of comprehensive international activities of the highest quality that provide every student with meaningful opportunities for academic and personal growth. We strive to ensure that study abroad programs are cost-effective, safe, and accessible to all students. We offer the expertise and infrastructure necessary to support global aspirations.

Study abroad inspires and informs students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to engage effectively with local and global communities and become culturally perceptive citizens. This vision continually motivates us to identify and develop safe and affordable programs while increasing student participation and diversity of participants.

Because of our commitment to both our community and our work environment, corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays a fundamental role in our vision.

OUR CRS –  purchase has a great purpose.

We decided to be part of our commitment to society from the first day we start, as we do believe that our business impacts our local environment and touches the lives of millions of people across the globe and it gives more awareness the chances to make a better life to others with every course your purchase or any study abroad services you are contributing a hope of life to our children so we make your purchase has a great purpose.


The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE) widely known as Hospital 57357 is a unique healthcare institution and an ultimate example of what can be achieved when people work together for a common goal. The people of Egypt and friends from all over the world and most particularly in the Arab World have contributed generously to the establishment of the hospital which has been completely built by donations. Egyptians from all walks of life rallied around the setting up of a state-of-the-art pediatric oncology hospital to achieve the dream of a better tomorrow for their children with cancer. This is not only is this project attempting to increase the childhood cancer survival rate in Egypt from less than an estimated 40% to the Western rates of 75-80% overall survival,

But it is also attempting to create a new system of healthcare where management and treatment utilize the most scientific approaches practiced today. Presently, after 9 years of operations, the Hospital is recording a 74.7% average overall survival. It has become not merely a hospital but a leading example for healthcare, a change agent, and a comprehensive institution for fighting childhood cancer.