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Pre-Departure Briefing

We provide the pre-departure briefing which helps you to have an idea of the essentials to be kept in mind before you fly to your dream destination.

Our ‘Pre-Departure Booklet’ covers all the aspects of travel and the initial period of stay pertaining to the various nations.

We also conduct sessions from time to time to make you aware of the immigration process and give a preview of a student’s life in foreign countries.

You get a chance to meet our alumni from numerous universities worldwide who help you to have an overview of the lifestyle and culture in different countries and continents.

You can also meet other students going abroad through us so that you can develop a sense of bonding if you’re moving to the same place.

Our students will be given information about:

  • The local climate
  • The local environment, community, and campus
  • Preparing for independent living
  • Safety and security
  • How to use public transport
  • Telephone and internet access
  • Currency, banking, and shopping
  • What to expect from the education institution
  • Dates of enrolment, orientation, and commencement
  • Relationships, etiquette, and appropriate and inappropriate behavior
  • Emotional preparation (e.g., for culture shock and/or homesickness).

Also, you will know from us

  • What to pack
  • What documents to carry, read, and understand
  • What to do at the airport (reception and transfer)
  • What happens on the day of arrival
  • Who to contact with problems and/or for information.

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