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Turkey تركيا

Study In Turkey

Why Study in Turkey


Turkey is the second country in the world in access to higher education with 94.2% schooling rate. Turkey involved in European Higher Education Area is implementing the Bologna Process in a perfect way;, the diploma you receive from a university in Turkey is recognized in all European countries! As course credit system, ECTS is applied in accordance with Europe and all students are given Diploma Supplement. In addition, Turkey is one of the most successful countries participating in the exchange programs under Erasmus + In addition to Erasmus.

University and Program Diversity

There are 207 universities in Turkey with a population of 82 Million. The number of students is close to 8 million. With this number of students, Turkey is the first country with the most students in European Higher Education Area. There are nearly 60.000 different programs at 207 universities. In such a variety, you will definitely find a university and program for yourself.Multicultural Life

Turkey, which has hosted many deep-rooted civilizations in its territory for thousands of years, is almost a mosaic of cultures! In this country where countless civilizations have been hosted, everyone is tolerant and respectful to each other. Turkey, where you can find a piece of your roots and perhaps can meet people who speak your language is ideal for students with its safe and peaceful environment.

Natural Beauties

Turkey, which experiences four seasons, has a reputation for its natural beauties all over the world. You can enjoy swimming and water sports in the seas that surround Turkey, you can ski in many cities in the mountains, you can enjoy rafting in the rivers and experience many extreme sports. You will feel as in the heaven in Turkey where countless beauties which shall only fascinate you with their landscape!

Historical and Cultural Heritage

Based on a long history, there are thousands of historical and cultural monuments in Turkey, many of which are protected as UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Even in your daily life, you will want to keep track of the traces you may encounter frequently!

Student Friendly

With at least one university in every city, Turkey is exactly a student-friendly country! Social clubs, sports teams and cultural events at every university bring together students and  make distant geographies close. When you arrive in Turkey you will understand that the most active points of the city are the places where students socialize! Thanks to the cafes, restaurants and libraries where the students hang out, the cities live 24 hours a day.

Hospitable Turkish People

The hospitality of Turkish people has been legendary all over the world! As a student, if you ask for help, people will do their utmost with all sincerity and friendliness. Turks will welcome you as guests and have many treats to satisfy you. Be sure you won’t be miss your home here!

Easy Living Conditions 

Life in Turkey is more affordable than most countries. You can meet your needs, such as accommodation, food and drink, and entertainment at  affordable prices. You can stay at the dormitories within or near the University campuses, or rent a house for a reasonable lease. In addition, whichever transportation you choose as a student, you will receive a ticket at a discounted price, or watch the movie in the cinema at cheaper.

Turkey is also an easy to reach country because it is in the middle Asia and Europe continents. Whichever way you choose to discover Turkey, which hosts countless places of attraction, you can arrive where you want quickly and comfortably.

Turkish Learning Opportunities

Several programs in Universities in Turkey are in English. Besides you can also learn Turkish, the 5th most spoken language in the world! You can get a chance to learn a new language in Turkish courses that your University will offer you, and you can be friends with people from many different cultures.

Quick Facts

  • OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Turkey.
  • FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary democracy.
  • CAPITAL: Ankara.
  • AREA: 302,535 square miles (783,562 square kilometers)
  • POPULATION: 81,257,239.
  • MONEY: Turkish lira.



Partner Universities

Yasar University, an English medium, foundation university, is located in the centre of the city of Izmir on the scenic west coast of Turkey. The university offers over 60-degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Students are given every opportunity to make the most of their university years; a professional education in a supportive learning environment.

The University’s links with the business sector and global universities make the campus an ideal environment for personal development and learning with an international dimension.

Key Facts

Quality English medium teaching with CEA American accreditation

Tuition is given by leading Turkish and international academic staff

A range of elective courses all with European transferable credits (ECTS)

Second language options and Turkish support classes

An English prep year for students needing to reach the language level for faculty

Scholarships offered to international students

Monthly concerts, including the university’s own Chamber Orchestra

A full range of student clubs and social responsibility projects

A purpose‐built campus, with IT, library and sports facilities, open 24/7

New halls of residence with places guaranteed for all first-year international students

Average Cost 6500 U$D / Year

Duration              4 years

Toefil                     78

Yasar University

  • BA in Visual Communication Design
  • BA in Public Relations and Advertising
  • BA in Radio, Television and Cinema
  • BA in New Media and Communication
  • BA in Business Administration
  • BA in Economics
  • BA in International Logistic Management
  • BA in International Trade and Finance
  • BA in Architecture
  • BA in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
  • BA in English Language and Literature
  • BA in Translation and Interpretation
  • BA in Psychology
  • BA in International Relations
  • BSc in Computer Engineering
  • BSc in Industrial Engineering
  • BSc in Software Engineering
  • BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • BSc in Energy Systems Engineering
  • Bsc in Civil Engineering
  • Bsc in Mechanical Engineering
  • BA Film Design
  • BA in Animation
  • BA in Industrial Design
  • BA in Music
  • LLB in Law
  • Management Informatıon System
  • Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
  • Tourism Guidance

Aydin University is 11 years young and dynamic the university signed for many successes, by offering free career planning to present and graduate students towards their dream profession. At IAU, in addition to theoretical training, we know the importance of understanding practical training where you might find yourself in a lead role in a short film, in the middle of conducting research or you might find yourself accompanying a song-along. It is not surprising to find IAU students when you go abroad. While the Istanbul Aydin University ERASMUS program has many outgoing students, it also welcomes many in-coming international students. Being aware of the possibilities in scientific research and superior technology and with the “Technological University” principle, taking steps towards foreign languages, food, mechatronic and computer labs students have unlimited access to the most advanced technology. In this context, it is not a coincidence that Istanbul Aydin University has Turkey’s largest Techno Center.

Following are the required documents application .

*High School / Undergraduate diploma
*High School / Undergraduate Transcript
*Passport copy
Language proficiency certificate (TOEFL-79)

(Students who do not have TOEFL they can also give English Proficiency Exam after reaching the university)

Bahçeşehir University (BAU)

*Medicine 6 years
Tuition fee $17500 per year

*Dentistry   6 years
Tuition fee $15000 per year

*INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (in English) 4 years
Tuition fee 5000 U$D per year

*SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (in English) 4 years
Tuition fee 5000 U$D per year

*Civil Engineering ( in English ) 4 years
Tuition fee 5000 U$D per year

*Computer Engineering ( in English )  4 years 

Tuition fee $6,000 per year

Tuition fee 5000 U$D per year

Aviation Management 4 years

Tuition fee $6,000 per year

English Accepted proof of proficiency: Cambridge English, IELTS, TOEFL or another equivalent – TOEFL IBT: min 79


Business Administration 4 years

Tuition fee $6,000 per year

English Accepted proof of proficiency: Cambridge English, IELTS, TOEFL or another equivalent – TOEFL IBT: min 79

Tuition fee 4000 U$D per year

Bahçeşehir University (BAU)… With its main campus on the edge of the Bosphorus in Beşiktaş, each day begins early with rapid mobility and continues throughout the day. Moreover, it is possible to encounter an event at almost every part of the university.

The first thing that will strike your eye when you enter our university will be a large number of international students. From the United States to China, from France to South Korea from a wide geographical area extending over 5000 international students are studying at BAU. When asked why they prefer BAU, we always receive the same answer: “The central location and international power.” BAU’s location is apparent. In order to understand the international collaborations of our university, a short tour of our campus or website would be sufficient

Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Programmes

*Tawjihiyya / General Secondary Education Certificate
*Minimum score: High School Diploma %50 Success
*Requirements for Graduate Programmes

English Requirements

If English is not your first language, or you do not have an internationally recognized English qualification, you will need to provide evidence of your English language ability. You can bring one of the internationally recognized test results or you can take the proficiency test of Bahçeşehir University (For Undergraduate Programs Min. Score: 60-Graduate Programs Min. Score: 65)

Internationally Recognised Test Results

TOEFL (For Undergraduate Programs Min. Score: IBT 72, Graduate Programs Min. Score: IBT 79)

Medicine Applicants, Who gets selected?

We get about 2,500 applications per year for about 80 spots. (According to YÖK regulations (click here), only 8 of these spots can be taken by students of Turkish descent. Once the 8 student quota is filled, the deposit of the 9th student will be refunded and the admission decision will be withdrawn. Those who are naturalized Turkish citizens are not included in this limited quota.) This large pool of applicants in addition to our intensive, year-based curriculum means that we try to select students who will be successful and happy here. We have found that students with a high level of English and excellent science grades from high school as well as a deep interest in medical science thrive at the BAU School of Medicine. Therefore, the admissions committee evaluates applications based on the following:

What do we look for in applicants?

A sound academic background and study ethic
– As seen from the grades in your full high school transcript covering all years up to point of application
– International tests like the SAT or ACT (if possible)
– Recommendation letters from your high school teachers (if possible)
Readiness for our high-level basic medical science courses
– As proven by good high school grades in science; biology in particular.
– A Levels, advanced level courses or SAT Biology tests (if possible)
A passion for and experience in scientific work
– As shown by your participation in science related projects, competitions, etc. (if any)
– As you will explain in your essay
Commitment to the field of medicine
– Time spent at a hospital such as an observership or volunteer work (if possible)
Ability to follow complicated concepts in medicine in English
– High level academic English skills, unless your high school courses were taught in English. (TOEFL or PTE scores if possible) (Note: IELTS helps for admission but is not officially recognized to skip English Prep year)
A clear idea about why the BAU School of Medicine is the right place for you and what you can contribute to our community.
– Read up on our website and mention what impressed / attracted you to our school in your essay
We do not require you to take any tests, but you need to show the admission committee that you have the foundational knowledge, study skills and passion for science to succeed within our system. The recommendations above and your account of them will make you a stronger candidate. When applying, you will need to show these in the documentation you submit and the essay you will write

Aydin University

Aplied sience 4 years 5530 U$D

Architecture & Design 4 years 7900 U$D

Communications 4 years 7900 U$D

Dentisty 5 years 20000 U$D

Engineering 4 year 7900 U$D

Medicine 6 years 25000 U$D

Adopting the principle of ‘Non scholae, sed vitae discimus’ (learning not for school but for life), İstanbul Bilgi University took its place within the Turkish system of higher education as a civil corporation after the application made by the Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation on 7 June 1996 and the subsequent approval by the Turkish Grand National Assembly as per the Law number 4142.

Over time İstanbul Bilgi University has grown to encompass 3 campuses that cover nearly a total of 210,000 m², namely Kuştepe, Dolapdere and santralistanbul, where it continues to serve its students and the academic world in Turkey.

Having broken many new grounds in Turkey within 23 years, İstanbul Bilgi University had a long term partnership between 2006-2019 with Laureate Education, one of the largest international education networks in the world, with the aim of increasing the quality of education and research and becoming a university that can compete globally. In 2019, Can Holding joined the supporters of Bilgi Culture and Education Foundation.

Istanbul Bilgi University
Since 1996, Istanbul Bilgi University has obtained a great position with the Turkish system of higher education after its establishment by the Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation. The University adopts the concept of “learning not for school but for life”, which made it one of the Top Turkish Universities in all degrees with a high academic level.
For over 23 years, Istanbul Bilgi University shares with international universities and global educational institutions the same aim of improving the quality of research and education. One of the most important partnerships is with the Laureate Education Universities Group, and it is one of the largest educational networks in the world.

Nowadays, the University includes around 20000 students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, it has a huge number of academic staff around 1500 teaching members, and possess 7 faculties, 3 institutes, and 3 vocational schools.

Istanbul Bilgi University has three main campuses Kuştepe, Dolapdere, and santralistanbul, that cover nearly a total of 210,000 m² where all cultural events are organized.
According to the concept “learning not for school but for life” Istanbul Bilgi University creates a modern university life for its students in which they can improve themselves on different levels, academically, cultural and social. As life at Istanbul Bilgi University includes:
Practical learning through different courses and well-equipped rooms, like courtroom for law students, architecture workshops, engineering & healthcare laboratories, art studios.
Conferences, festivals, and events are organized in the three campuses with the aim of helping students meeting successful role models, experts, and entrepreneurs through learning from their experiences.
Over 100 student clubs focus on different activities, sports, social projects, and arts.
Global Talent Management Center
Besides all internship opportunities and job offers that always announced by the Global Talent Management Center. The center also put in its priority organizing open discussion panels, conferences, and job fairs to help students building networks with companies’ representatives and successful role models.
Why Istanbul Bilgi University?
• It believes in lifelong learning and supports students to develop their skills
• The instruction language is English
• It includes talents center where the university can support students’ talents and manage them (BiLGiTalent)
• Continous updates its programs
• It has many educational programs abroad under the umbrella of the Erasmus Program, which helps students in improving their mentality
• It has an international office that guides international students and newcomers to adapt easily to Turkey.
• It has over 600 partnerships with various institutions in the world which makes it a leading university in the international programs in Turkey.
• It is a member of the European University Association EUA and in the other international institutions.
• The University’s Alumni center focuses on improving personal and professional skills for students

Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Business
Faculty of Communication
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences

Sports Management                                                                                                   4 English 6600 $
Aviation Management                                                                                                4 English 6600 $
Tourism Management                                                                                                4 English 6600 $
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts                                                                                   4 English 6600 $
English Language & Literature                                                                                   4 English 6600 $
New Media & Communication                                                                                    4 English 6600 $
Visual Communication Design                                                                                   4 English 6600 $
Radio, Cinema and TV                                                                                                4 English 6600 $
Television Reporting and Programming                                                                    4 English 6600 $
Advertising                                                                                                                 4 English 6600 $
Arts and Cultural Management                                                                                  4 English 6600 $
Management of Performing Arts                                                                               4 English 6600 $
Public Relations & Publicity                                                                                       4 English 6600 $
Comparative Literature                                                                                              4 English 6600 $
History                                                                                                                        4 English 6600 $
International Trade and Business                                                                              4 English 6600 $
Logistics Management                                                                                               4 English 6600 $
Fashion and Textile Design                                                                                        4 English 6600 $
European Union Studies                                                                                             4 English 6600 $
International Relations                                                                                               4 English 6600 $
Economics                                                                                                                  4 English 6600 $
Economics and Finance (Business – Economics)                                                    4 English 6600 $
Management Information Systems (Business Informatics)                                     4 English 6600 $
Business Administration                                                                                            4 English 6600 $
International Finance                                                                                                 4 English 6600 $
Political Science and Public Administration                                                             4 English 6600 $
Communication Design and Management                                                                4 English 6600 $
Music                                                                                                                          4 English 6600 $
Psychology                                                                                                                 4 English 8100 $
Sociology                                                                                                                    4 English 6600 $
Marketing                                                                                                                    4 English 6600 $
Digital Game Design                                                                                                   4 English 6600 $
Computer Engineering                                                                                                4 English 6600 $
Civil Engineering                                                                                                         4 English 6600 $
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                                                                      4 English 6600 $
Energy Systems Engineering                                                                                      4 English 6600 $
Genetics and Bioengineering                                                                                     4 English 6600 $
Industrial Engineering                                                                                                4 English 6600 $
Mechanical Engineering                                                                                            4 English 6600 $
Mechatronics Engineering                                                                                         4 English 6600 $
Architecture                                                                                                               4 English 6600 $
Industrial Design                                                                                                       4 English 6600 $
Interior Design                                                                                                           4 English 6600 $
Mathematics                                                                                                              4 English 6600 $

Aydin University

Sports Management 4 English 6600 $

Aviation Management 4 English 6600 $

Tourism Management 4 English 6600 $

Computer Engineering                             4 English 6600 $
Civil Engineering                                     4 English 6600 $
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  4 English 6600 $
Energy Systems Engineering                  4 English 6600 $
Genetics and Bioengineering                 4 English 6600 $
Industrial Engineering                            4 English 6600 $
Mechanical Engineering                       4 English 6600 $
Mechatronics Engineering                   4 English 6600 $

Business Administration 4 English 6600 $

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