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Learn Business Russian Online

Course Overview

Russian is one of the top ten languages spoken in the world. It’s spoken by about 160 million people throughout Europe and about 300 million people total! Russian can be heavily seen throughout the world, as it’s one of the United Nations official languages.

Russia continues to grow as a political and economic powerhouse. Russia is a hot spot for oil and gas. They’re a key player in the World Trade Organization as well. Russian is a great language to learn when you’re breaking into the business world. Beyond diplomatic work, Russian speakers are needed in the United States. Trade between the business world and Russia is on the rise, especially in construction, industry and information technology.

Commonly, the Russian language is thought to be challenging for native English speakers but did you know that it’s not actually all that difficult? Structurally, Russian is much simpler than English and has fewer verb tenses. In fact, Russian is great for expressing emphasis thanks to their loose sentence structure. You can reorder the words in a sentence to make more impactful sentences.

What Will I Learn?

With our comprehensive online Russian for Business course, you’ll learn everything you need to conduct successful business such as;

This will help you know how to

  • Talk about yourself and your company
  • Arrange and attend business meetings
  • Talk on the phone and leave messages
  • Describe your product or services
  • Use phrases to help with negotiation and sales
  • Discuss agreements and contracts
  • Talk about banking and accounting
  • Use key phrases for business travel
  • And much more!

Why Learn Russian Online with Cudoo? 

Thanks to Cudoo’s mobile compatibility, you can access your online language course anytime, anywhere. You’ll have lifetime access so you’ll never be able to forget your new skills, jump back in anytime for a refresher! Additionally, you will receive a certificate of completion to put on your LinkedIn and share it with your current or future employers.

Course Content

  • On the Phone
  • On the Phone to a Company
  • Leaving a Phone Message
  • Please Call Me Back
  • Calling Customer Service
  • Problems on the Phone
  • What Do You Do?
  • What Do You Do For A Living?
  • Introducing Colleagues
  • Introducing Your Company
  • Talking About Your Products
  • Delivery of Products
  • Payment Terms
  • Negotiation of the Sale
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Discussing a Reseller Agreement
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Your Brand
  • Launching Your Product
  • Market Research
  • Advertising Your Product
  • E-Commerce and Online Marketing
  • Marketing to Online Customers
  • Meetings
  • Setting Up a Meeting Time
  • Setting Up a Meeting Place
  • Rearranging Meetings
  • Meeting at Trade Shows
  • Traveling Overseas on Business
  • At the airport
  • Taking The Train
  • At The Hotel
  • Going By Taxi
  • Going By Bus or Train
  • The Hotel Part 1 Check-In
  • The Hotel Part 2 Rooms
  • The Hotel Part 3 Questions
  • The Hotel Part 3 Questions
  • The Hotel Part 4 More Questions
  • The Hotel Part 5 Checkout
  • Hiring a car
  • Where is the Nearest Bank?
  • At The Bank
  • Online Banking
  • Stocks and Shares
  • Internet Access
  • Working Online
  • Online Security