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Purchasing and Procurement Basics

Course Overview

Purchasing and procurement functions are about much more than bringing goods and services into an organization. They are the foundation of strong, collaborative relationships with suppliers. Since many companies source products from around the globe more frequently than ever, a procurement manager needs strong capabilities. These skills cannot just be learned on the job: they need to be taught. As well, the value of procurement is now recognized as an integral part of cost control within the organization. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of procurement, including what a supply chain looks like, the purchasing cycle, essential tools and strategies for making the best purchasing relationships work, managing bids, and more.

This will help you know how to

This course will teach you how to:

  • Describe what a supply chain is
  • Describe your procurement department’s role within the organization
  • Understand the principles of the purchasing cycle
  • Apply the steps needed for managing a competitive bid process, from the request for proposals or qualifications through to negotiating the contract
  • Identify what it takes to set up a competitive bid for a contract
  • Defend your position on why a particular supplier should be selected based on an evaluation strategy
  • Be responsible for managing supplier performance, including controlling quality and setting and monitoring standards
  • Apply the tools of the procurement trade, from PC-based applications to cloud-based solutions

Course Content

  • Session One: Course Overview
  • Session Two: Supply Chain Management Basics
  • Session Three: The Purchasing Cycle
  • Session Four: Purchasing Toolkit
  • Session Five: Managing Competitive Bids
  • Session Six: Improving Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Session Seven: Analyzing and Reducing Risk in the Supply Chain
  • Session Eight: Managing Internal Relationships
  • Session Nine: Tools of the Trade
Duration 07 Hours
Online / On Class Online Only
Price $24.00

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